A look back on 8 months of innovations

Dear Dealers,

At 360.Agency, the past 8 months have been particularly prolific in terms of innovations and new services aimed at assisting our clients in their goal of engaging more new and used vehicle buyers.

In 2023, 360.Agency has decided to focus on 2 main areas:

– Product Innovation
– Dealer Customer Experience

In case you might have missed our announcements, here’s a brief overview of the latest news and projects implemented over the past 8 months.

DRX 360
Log DRX 360

By consolidating its products onto a single platform, we offer you all the essential functions to create, manage, and sell vehicles online and in the dealership simultaneously, all within one centralized tool.

>> To learn more about DRX 360,

CRM Pro Training

To enable your team to optimize the use of the CRM Pro suite of products and assist you in increasing your conversion rates, we have designed unique Masterclass training and enhancement sessions.

>> Maximize your ROI through our 360 CONSULTING offers

Consulting 360
Logo Trade 360

This free, automatic update to your pre-owned vehicle trade-in value estimator enhances its performance even further through improved integration, a new interface, and even more intuitive features


>> Integrate TRADE 360 into your website

CRM 360 selected by the Mitsubishi Canada Centre of Excellence program

Mitsubishi Canada’s Centre of Excellence program selected 360.Agency as one of its certified providers, supporting the dealer network with our CRM 360.

>> More details

Mitsubishi CRM Pro
Knowledge center

Knowledge Center CRM Pro 360 & DESKING 360

You now have access in CRM Pro to a knowledge bank containing tutorials, videos, and answers to the most frequently-asked questions about your CRM Pro 360 and DESKING 360 products

>>  Access the knowledge center

SUPPORT 360 Portal

Because customer support is at the core of 360.Agency’s priorities, we have set up a client portal, available 24/7, to provide you with improved management of your support activities and enhanced visibility into your interactions with our support-product advisors.

>> See more in the Help Center

Support 360
Webinar 360
LogoWebinar 360

We launched a program of regular, live, and free training sessions to help your teams learn, step by step, how to maximize the use of our products’ features

>> Check out the webinar schedule!

CRM 360 has been selected by Hyundai Canada as a Certified CRM!

Hyundai Canada selected 360.Agency as one of its certified suppliers, offering our 360 CRM to Hyundai dealers!

>> More details

Hyundai CRM 360
CRM Pro New generation
Logo CRM Pro 360

We have refined our CRM Pro product suite to include numerous aesthetic and functional enhancements, making it even more user-friendly and better suited to your daily dealership needs.

>> New features of CRM Pro 360


Expert Conferences

For the 2nd consecutive year, we invited various experts to speak on the 360.RDV stage, providing concrete solutions tailored to the immediate needs of Canadian dealers.

>> Take a look back on this inspiring day

GA4 Timeline

Integration of GA4 conversions into Google Ads

Implemented on websites since July 2022, all clients using our advertising management services can also track all their Google Ads campaigns within the GA4 platform. This allows them to maximize ROI based on meaningful actions from potential buyers.

>> Learn more about GA4

Toyota Lexus Timeline

Toyota / Lexus Digital Certification

360.Agency is proud to have been selected by Toyota Canada as well as Toyota and Lexus dealerships across the country as a certified provider of websites and digital advertising in the Toyota Canada Dealer Digital Solutions program!

>> More details

Logo Privacy

Our new digital consent management module will support you in fulfilling your privacy obligations towards your users in compliance with Quebec’s Bill 25, while also providing your users with a transparent digital experience.

>> Activate PRIVACY 360 now

Privacy 360
Tik tok Bing Timeline

Launch of Inventory Ads on TikTok and Bing

Having been a pioneer in launching vehicle ad campaigns on Google, 360.Agency is now expanding its expertise to growing platforms: Bing and TikTok.

>> Contact your Media Director for more information


We still have a lot to unveil to you in 2023: new OEM certifications and updates to our digital retailing solutions are on the horizon!

Stay tuned,

The 360.Agency Team