New at 360.Agency: Performance Max omnichannel campaigns

New at 360.Agency: Performance Max omnichannel campaigns

As you probably know, buying a car has become more complex in recent years. As a dealership, your main challenge has therefore become making sure you’re communicating in the right place at the right time. That’s where machine learning comes in!

Several months ago, 360.Agency began offering a new type of omnichannel advertising campaign optimized by machine learning: Performance Max campaigns. The results are impressive!

Performance Max case study*

Increase in conversions

Decrease in cost per conversion

Increase in conversion rate

*Conducted at Signature Mazda

What is a Performance Max campaign?

Performance Max campaigns combine all of Google’s communication channels in one campaign. Using Google’s algorithm and artificial intelligence, your top-performing advertising content is shown to the targets most likely to convert, regardless of the channel used. The campaign therefore adapts to your audience in real time!

Performance Max campaign distribution channels:

Google Logo
Google Search
Gmail logo
google discover logo
Discover application
Google My Business
google ads logo
Google Display

How to prepare a Performance Max campaign?

To get the most out of these campaigns, you need to provide a large number of banners, logo variations, text ads and videos. At 360.Agency, we specialize in creating automotive content, and our team of seasoned designers have mastered the best practices to ensure you get the most impactful content. We can also create the videos that will maximize the reach of your campaign!

When to use a machine learning-driven campaign?

This type of campaign is as effective for selling new vehicles as it is for selling used ones or promoting your service department. It’s all the more relevant in a context where inventory is limited, because it allows you to better position your competitive advantage to the right audience. For an even greater impact, Performance Max campaigns are even more effective when used in combination with Search campaigns.

Performance Max campaigns at 360.Agency

Does it really work?

Still not convinced? We’re so confident in the effectiveness of Performance Max campaigns that 360.Agency participates in Google case studies. In fact, they are now an integral part of Google Think Dealer and were presented at the Western Canadian Dealer Summit in September and the Automotive Conference & Expo in October!

Performance Max Campaigns at 360.Agency

Another case study conducted in Quebec is also available here! (in French)

Boost your conversion rate with Performance Max campaigns now

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