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CRM Pro 360 is constantly improving!

Discover the latest innovations in your redesigned software to better meet your daily needs at the dealership.

CRM pro innovation

in 2023

A number of aesthetic and functional improvements have been made to make it more user-friendly and provide a better experience. Enjoy enhanced customization and smoother, more intuitive navigation!  Here’s a quick overview

1. A brand-new dashboard

Your new customizable dashboard gives you an overview of the data relevant to your dealership every time you log in to CRM Pro 360.

Among other things, you can see the number of opportunities generated through your various communication channels (web opportunities, chat, telephone) as well as at the dealership (visits, renewals, etc.).

You enjoy at-a-glance access to your main key performance indicators, making it easier to manage them and take action.

A state-of-the-art user interface

This CRM Pro 360 update is not just about the immediate productivity of your entire dealership staff.

It’s also the first step in the development-acceleration project currently underway at 360.Agency to introduce innovations on a regular basis.

By investing in a complete overhaul of our user interface, 360.Agency has chosen to invest in the future of your CRM Pro 360 management platform.

2. Optimized and smoother navigation

The various filters are now grouped together for optimized navigation and the menu search system has been improved for greater efficiency in your search choices.

CRM pro settings

All the settings for the various solutions included in your CRM Pro 360 are now grouped together and available under a “Configuration” tab.

We’ve changed the action buttons for more intuitive navigation.

CRM pro button action
Favoris rapport

We’ve improved the interface of the “Reports” section to allow you to bookmark your most frequently used report templates for easier navigation.

Lastly, you benefit from optimized tablet navigation for a superior user experience in the showroom.

CRM innovation ipad
3. Multitasking feature

With CRM Pro 360’s new multitasking feature, you no longer waste time restarting an interrupted action.

You can now start a task, stop and minimize the work window, start another task (without closing the current one) and resume the interrupted task simply by clicking on its icon.

4. Lead-integrated contact sheet
lead contact
  • You can now easily access contact details from your leads.
  • And for greater visibility in your customer database, benefit from our new feature for merging duplicated contacts.

Your contacts now take center stage in your CRM Pro 360 platform, making your work easier.

5. Customize your display

You can now optimize and customize the display and order of the lead list to suit your needs:

  • Select the columns you want to display.
  • Organize the columns’ order.
  • Select information relevant to your dealership.
Instant mailbox Synchronization with oAuth
6. Instant mailbox Synchronization with oAuth

Get your mailbox in sync with CRM Pro 360 in order to step up your communication game! We now support oAuth connexion with both Google and Microsoft:

  • Get an in-app notification when clients’ reply on emails sent from CRM Pro 360 
  • Email replies from clients to synchronize with your Leads and Contacts
  • Replying on CRM Pro 360 email threads, from your mailbox, will also add an outbound activity on your Leads and Contacts activity history