Google Analytics 4: what changes for your dealership?

In an effort to better reflect the new reality, Google has decided to change the way it measures your website’s performance by moving from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

As a result, since July 1, 2023, we’ve had to contend with a radical upheaval. As a Google Partner, the 360.Agency teams have been anticipating this change for several months now in order to make sure your websites are already compliant with the new GA4 measures. 

What are the reasons behind the upgrade to GA4?

To address the new reality, specifically with:

  • the predominant use of mobile phones
  • the use of multiple devices (sometimes at the same time)
  • the importance of privacy 
  • a more flexible platform that can easily adapt to new changes

This change is so important in the Google universe that some have made parody videos of it!

Google Analytics 4, a new way of functioning
1. Events

GA4 analyzes the significant actions taken by visitors to your website. In addition to the basic events configured by Google (e.g., page views), we have configured around 170 major events in the form of clicks.

For example: clicks on the phone number, on notification buttons, on photos and on the address, as well as the use of filters or online shopping tools.

2. Conversion

From all the events available to be measured, we selected those that represented an indication of interest from the visitor: 

  • Clicking on the phone number from a mobile phone.
  • Submitting a form.
  • Creating an account in SHOWROOM 360.
  • Submitting a consent form.
  • Saving a quote.
  • Making an appointment in TRADE 360.
3. Engagement

GA4 further enhances the value of your users’ interaction with your website by measuring: 

  • Sessions that generated engagement. That is, the user has:
    • spent at least 10 seconds on the website;
    • triggered a conversion; and
    • viewed two or more pages.
  • Engagement rate: this is the percentage of engaged sessions.
  • Active users: These are the distinct users who have triggered an engaged session.
The key differences between UA and GA4
Universal Analytics
Data model:

Based on page views and sessions

User tracking:

Through sessions (period spent on the website)

Google Analytics 4
Data model:

Based on events attached to parameters

User tracking:

  Through visitor activities

Sessions and users are therefore calculated differently:

Because of its status as a Google Partner, 360.Agency has been anticipating this change in parameters for several months now :

  • your websites are already all set to take the plunge.
  • The reports available in GA4 contain data over several months for a better analysis of engagement and traffic sources..