Our CRM360 has been selected by Hyundai Canada as a Certified CRM!

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Hyundai Canada recently selected 360.Agency as one of its certified suppliers to offer our 360 CRM. to Hyundai dealers!

Our centralized customer relationship management platform will soon enable Hyundai dealers to efficiently manage all their contacts, sales processes and customer relations with a revamped interface. 

360.Agency has indeed decided to offer CRM Pro 360 a important upgrade to its unique user interface, from which CRM 360 benefits.

Thanks to this partnership, Hyundai dealers will be able to track leads more effectively and manage their customer relationships more effortlessly.

CRM 360, developed by the experts at 360.Agency in Montreal, enables dealers to benefit from simplified sales processes and innovative tools tailored to the unique needs of Hyundai dealers.

CRM Pro 360 brings together all the digital solutions dealers need to effectively manage their dealership customer relationships. In a single, seamless platform, they have easy access to the solutions they choose to meet their needs for BDC management, showroom management, quotes, marketing campaigns and task automation. All of this accompanied by the industry’s most powerful reporting system.

What’s more, CRM 360 connects to our suite of powerful and efficient tools that complete our ecosystem of products to support you in your day-to-day challenges.

Hyundai dealers, convert more sales and leads with our centralized platform!

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