Why have a BDC

Consumer habits and the vehicle-purchase process evolve with new technologies and from generation to generation. If you want to ensure the sustainability of your dealership or dealer groups, active innovation of effective procedures is necessary. Frequent communication with existing customers, paired with well-defined appointment scheduling procedures will maximize all sales and service opportunities, and will ensure the growth of your dealership. Allow me to walk you through some points that, in the eyes of Consultant Auto 360, give full meaning to a BDC.

BDC: Business Development Center.

First, it takes customers:

One of the most important issues for dealerships is getting customers into their showroom and service department. The main objective of the BDC is scheduling appointments. A BDC allows you to train employees to become customer communication specialists and to implement best practices. You can then maximize your appointments and allow your specialists (Product Advisors, Technical Advisors) to do what they do best: meeting and selling to customers. A happy and successful employee is one whose strengths are optimized.


One of the keys to success for any business is the diligence in applying the best practices, day after day, to each business opportunity that presents itself. For example, we do not hire the same type of employee in the BDC sales department. By hiring employees who are passionate about customer service, and by providing all the tools and support they need, you are ensuring consistency in your communication with customers. This consistency ensures you maximize all your opportunities, and, consequently, increase your income.

Measuring results:

Anything that can be measured can be improved. With a properly managed BDC, you will see results. What good is the illusion of success if we can access the reality in order to make more money? All BDCs must be paired with a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Here are some examples of what can be measured with a CRM that is mostly managed by a BDC:

  • The % of appointments booked from your web opportunities, incoming calls, service
  • The % of sales based on appointments
  • The % by specialists and salespeople
  • The % through the use of various media (e.g. your website, external sources, Facebook, etc.)
  • Your first-up, be-back sales
  • Etc.

Knowing all of these measures will help you to single out your weaknesses and work on them. By working on your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths, you are ensuring the success of your dealership.

Theses 3 points are just some of the benefits of the BDC. Consultant Auto 360’s team of consultants specialize in starting up, training, and continuously coaching BDCs. We are always on the lookout for better practices and developing our methods so that our customers are the best in the industry when it comes to sales conversion rate.

If you’re considering setting up a BDC in your business, make sure to do it the right way, for the right reasons, and with a long term plan.



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  1. Jean-Christian is involved in launching and managing over 45 BDCs in Canada. He is a an authority in this matter.

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