Once upon a Time There Was Narrative Communication

From Emotion to Reason

We all love stories. Stories that begin by ‘’Once upon a time…,’’ and stories that make us dream, short stories that make us laugh or think, stories amongst friends, by the campfire, over coffee, or just before bedtime.

In a marketing context, the art of storytelling consists of seducing the audience by inspiring the use of imagination and playing on emotions.

The more your stories evoke the desires and wishes of your target audience, the more your audience will be receptive to you. Whether in the form of an anecdote or as a long speech, these stories help to convey more complex messages, which are then transmitted more efficiently. In this sense, speak to the heart in order to reach the mind.

A Daring Communication Strategy

Today’s consumer is constantly bombarded with advertising messages of all kinds looking to sell various products and services. It becomes increasingly difficult to break through the cognitive wall developed by most of us to deal with all this clutter of images and messages.

In order to reach targeted customers, it is important to be creative, original, and especially to tell a story that deserves to be heard.

Storytelling gives soul to your business: it makes it more human and real, creating a kind of attachment and preference. It also encourages your target to understand the spirit, image, and values of the brand. Finally, consumers don’t buy what you do, but what you make them feel!

Some Successful Examples of Digital Storytelling

To really take advantage of narrative communication, it is important to move away from promoting a brand or from describing technical advantages of products or services. Instead, we recommend you turn to a story that will cause excitement among your customers and will create and long-lasting impression that differentiates yourself from the competition.

…To be continued…