Understanding and using the graphic charter

One of the fundamental steps in the growth of a business is the development of a strong visual identity that is constant through all the activities of each department.

In simpler terms, the visual signature of your business, be it colors, logos, fonts and other graphics, becomes more and more central to all forms of internal and external communications that you use, such as email and newsletters, as your business grows.

Soon, it becomes critical to lay out this visual identity in a document that can be accessed by everyone within the company when creating various forms of communication.
This document is the graphic charter, and it generally includes three main elements: the logo, the fonts, and the colors used in different forms of communication.

The idea here, however, is not to dive into great detail about what we will find in a graphic charter because ultimately, each one will be different and unique. That’s to be expected, after all it serves as a blueprint for your company’s values, its vibe, who you are, your philosophy, and really the soul of what you are as a business. I mentioned previously that the graphic charter describes the visual signature of your company, but in reality it’s its mission and its reason for being that are described in visual form.

No question it must be clear and without compromise!

A detailed graphic charter allows you to develop consistency in your communications. When these are external, your communications become easily identifiable by customers and most importantly, more professional in their eyes. Internally, a graphic charter facilitates the creation of new communication documents while ensuring enhance and solidify the image and identity of the company. For new employees, it is a visual road map that allows them to quickly understand and adopt the mission of their new company.

We just have to take any multinational company as an example to confirm the importance of a strong and consistent visual identity. For a growing business, develop this identity is essential and the development of a clear and detailed graphic charter is the first step.


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  1. Does a graphics charter include à hierarchical list of the members of the organization? By this I mean from maybe the director or manager of the enterprise to the least post of responsibility

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