Social Media Marketing

Social media, it’s a pretty popular topic these days, wouldn’t you say? Whether for personal use or for business, social media is now one of the largest forms of communication worldwide.

As we see more platforms emerging and the overall popularity of social media growing, the latest trends can be difficult to keep up with, especially for companies who want to stay on top of this new marketing strategy. So, what’s the latest?


Here are three trends in social media marketing that you should know about right now:



Scommerce? You’re thinking “you mean ecommerce right”? Well it is closely related but no, I really do mean scommerce aka Social Commerce, one of the latest trends happening now in social media marketing.
Online buying and selling of products and services is now being assisted by social interaction and user contributions. Social media is a very common place for customers to turn to before they make any decisions on a purchase and/or given service. Customers are looking for reviews and feedback, and they are consulting their online community in order to help them make the best decision. It is important that businesses understand this trend and work towards maintaining a positive reputation across their social platforms. And of course, post-purchase/service feedback and comments will likely be made on social media (especially the negative ones) so keep up that great customer service.


Social Advertising

Social advertising, another trend that is blowing up the social media world! Today, the majority of the social platforms that companies are using also provide the option of advertising, including platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and now even Instagram has jumped on the bandwagon. Why use it, you ask? Well with all the posts, newsfeed, and tweets going out daily it can be a challenge for your content to be seen and even more difficult for it to be seen by the right people. With social advertising, you can increase your chances of having your posts seen and you can target these posts directly based on who and where you are trying to reach.


Social Video

Finally, if there is one last social media marketing trend you need to know about right now, it is social video! Looking back a few years ago, social media was mainly focused on content (Tweets) and pictures (Instagram) but this is no longer the case. Videos are now an important feature of social platforms, whether it is a 30-minute video on Youtube or a short and sweet 30 second video on Instagram. Your fans and followers are expecting to see more than just snap shots these days. Including videos in your regular posting schedule will help to increase the engagement with your followers and provide them a feel for what is really happening in and around your business. Opening a new store location? A sneak peak tour is sure to attract many! Live at an event? Show your online community what is happening in real-time. The options with social video are endless!

Again, social media continues to grow and this means that social media marketing trends are constantly evolving so remember to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the virtual world. You’re marketing strategy will thank you!



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  1. With the way Facebook treats videos in the news feed, it is clear that your engagement level will increase using such communication approach. Thanks Brittany for your post !

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