The implementation of HR processes: a major challenge

For any business, human resources management and the implementation of HR processes is an important challenge, but this is especially true in the automotive sector. This is why on June 18 was held in Drummondville the 1st annual summit of the Sectoral Committee of the Automotive Services Workforce, better known as the CSMO-Auto.

The program included tips to help retain and motivate employees. Speakers Jacques Forest and Lucie Morin discussed the challenges faced by companies in the automotive industry before more than 120 guests. More specifically, the subjects of the perception of justice by employees, good HR practices within the industry, and tips to truly motivate a team were discussed. Subsequently, a panel of guests shared its experiences and successes with other participants.

Humanify360 was present at this important summit which proves beyond any doubt that companies operating in the automotive industry are supported when they must face the challenges that come with human resources.

Indeed, organizations like CSMO-Auto and services like those offered by Humanify360 are available to help the automotive sector plan their human resources strategies, and more specifically to help find the right resources who are both competent and motivated.

According to a recent study undertaken by CSMO-Auto, the main challenge for all companies in the automotive industry, after profitability, is the recruitment of skilled employees. By taking the time to understand the needs of our customers in regard to the mission and vision of their company, Humanify360 is able to assist with the development of clear HR processes. They can then assist with the creation of a loyal and dedicated team, which will be motivated to reach the goals of the company.

Humanify360’s team understands the importance of human resources in the automotive sector, and we can help you grow your own team with employees who care about the success of your company. To learn more about our services, contact us today.