Email marketing is so very important to your business

With time, you have developed quite an extensive bank of current and potential customer emails that you know are interested in your products and your services. This email address database is invaluable to your business and if you adopt the right strategies, you will be able to seize all the opportunities it presents.

You have to see these email addresses as a communication tool. They allow you to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of targeted consumers who wish to know more about what you have to offer. It’s time to start taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

At Solutions Medias 360, we offer email marketing planning and optimization services to help them make the most out of their mailing lists. The aim is to inform the clients of our clients about various offers, promotions or ongoing sales by email quickly and at a lower cost. Email marketing can be a more effective tool than advertising in newspapers or online, simply because we targeting clients that have already expressed an interest in what we have to offer. It is also more affordable.

By sending offers that directly address the needs and interests of members of our mailing list, a natural retention ensues as customers are happy to be informed about news and offers that are relevant to them.

Imagine for example the advantage of sending a specific promotion on a new model to customers who bought this model in the past. These clients might want to change vehicles after three or four years. If they liked the car in question, there is no doubt that to be informed of a tempting offer on the same model, but new, will be interesting for them.

Or, you can send a specific promotion on the maintenance or servicing of this model. Those who bought this model and must thereafter maintain it will be happy to be informed about the existence of this special offer that will save them money.

Effective email marketing will generate more targeted traffic to your site and therefore generate more interest for your products and services, especially those targeted by the special offer. And all this at a lower cost.

To learn how Solutions Medias 360 can help you organize your email marketing campaign using your email bank, contact us today!