The CRM Revolution is Now!

Since its launch on October 1st, the brand-new CRM PRO 360 is a great success. Hundreds of users have already had the opportunity to try it – all with great satisfaction! The new CRM PRO 360 interface allows for a modular approach that is compatible with different screen sizes, a concept adapted from CRM360, the best tool for managing a business development center (BDC).

Jeremi Savoie, Internet Specialist at Bathurst Honda, has high praise for the new CRM PRO 360. As he explains, ‘’the intuitive design doesn’t even require a tutorial. Searching is made easy, and statistics are readily available, which saves time. It used to take an hour to check weekly statistics; now it takes only two minutes.’’

Now it’s your turn to enjoy the new CRM PRO 360! Contact your account manager or our sales team today for more information, or visit our website to discover new products compatible with the revolutionary CRM PRO 360!