How to Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging social media platform that is great for keeping followers updated and for sending quick messages. It is, however, a challenge to understand whether your efforts on Twitter are producing positive results. Well, it’s time to discover Twitter analytics, the free analytical tool offered by Twitter.

Here are the basic insights provided by Twitter analytics:

Start with the Big Picture

Twitter provides an overview on how your follower numbers are doing. This is probably one of the most basics insights provided by the analytics tool and is a useful place to start when analysing your insights. Twitter analytics provides you with a very simple graph that will give you an idea on whether your followers are increasing or decreasing. By clicking on specific time frames, you will also be able to tell how much this information varies per day. By default Twitter provides data for the last 28 days, but you can easily adjust it to have a look at a shorter or longer time period.

Tweet Action

One of the most important things that you can determine through the analytics tool is how popular your tweets are and what impact they are having. You can easily see the number of times the tweets are seen as well as the level of retweets and favourites. You will be able to understand how much attention your tweets are getting, what content is attractive to your followers and what type of tweet content may be less appealing to your follower base.

Get the Inside Scoop on your Followers.

Are you wondering who is reading your tweets? Are these followers relevant to your target market? These questions can easily be answered by using Twitter analytics. You can determine the interests, gender and even the location of your followers. This information can help you investigate whether or not the right people are interacting with you, which will allow you to strategically adjust.

You can also look closer at what really appeals to your followers by examining their top interests and adjusting your content accordingly. In addition, your followers’ habits are tracked. The most popular days and times your followers can be found on Twitter can help you schedule and plan the times you will send out tweets.

Twitter is a fun and interactive platform, but in order to improve your relationship with your followers it’s important that you keep track of what is occurring on your account and how it’s performing. The best way to really discover more about this tool is to use it on your own. Play around with the different insights offered and have an in-depth look at your own analytic. This will allow you to begin to better understand your Twitter performance.