There’s Always More to Learn About LinkedIn

For some time now, I regularly like to offer LinkedIn training sessions for a diverse clientele, in order to shed light on its different uses and to assist those looking to achieve specific business goals. After my presentations for different audiences with varying levels of ease and performance, one thing remains the same: There is always more to learn about LinkedIn!

Essentially, whether the platform is used in business development, for recruiting, for an advanced user or for a beginner, we can always learn a thing or two. Normally, the more we master a new tool, the less there is learn from it, but wouldn’t the opposite be a nice surprise?

Surprisingly, the more a user knows and masters the advanced features of the platform, the easier it is to neglect the basics. Some users have never even played with their account settings. Perhaps these users are in fact very active, but no one is aware due to incorrect settings. Some privacy issues could also be raised because of the same account settings.

Over time, many users develop an impressive network which, unfortunately, can be counterintuitive if not managed properly. Included in LinkedIn are several great tools that allow us to properly manage our connections; however, many of these tools are ignored.

Whether it’s used for a more novice or experienced clientele, LinkedIn works magic once you’ve mastered the basics of Boolean research – namely from the point of view of a recruiter. Purists will say that Google remains the better search tool, but the fact remains that LinkedIn offers simplified search fields that support the basic Boolean operators very well. Google search can be too large for occasional users. The basics of LinkedIn research can be mastered within hours. With a little practice, a novice recruiter can become a budding head-hunter.

In essence, do not look for LinkedIn’s secret weapon. Instead, concentrate on mastering the basic tools and you will see that there will still be more to extract, even with just a basic account. With LinkedIn, there’s always more to learn!