Supporting an Application Post-Launch

Late one night, we celebrated with our colleagues the recent launch of a new application. Congratulations! However, the work isn’t finished…

Once an application is on the market, it’s important to support it. To do this, a multidisciplinary team called Operations Team is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the product’s availability at all times.

One of the most useful tools for this team is the application ‘’logs.’’

‘’Logs’’ are files that contain all the information over time about the events, errors, and warnings of each product.

The format and content of ‘’logs’’ are determined by the Operations Team. In case of failure or major problems, ‘’logs’’ allow the team to identify the problems quickly.

The ‘’logs’’ can reveal major problems of an application, allowing the Operations Team to be proactive and solve problems even before users are affected.

  • A malicious operation on the application
  • Significant problems that prevent the application from starting
  • Repeated connection failure

The information in these files is a gold mine for the Operations Team as it ensures that they offer the best service for every product.