Promos on your website: a tool you can’t do without

The automotive industry is by far the most visible in terms of marketing in Canada, as well as elsewhere in the world. Each month, the various automakers put out a range of rebates and promotions that we then see in newspapers, on television, on the web; and hear on the radio.

The deals differ, but they often follow an important milestone. For example, they mark the end of a season or the year, or sometimes they follow the arrival or withdrawal of a certain model. Specific promotions centered on an event, like the Formula One race in summer or the Montreal Auto Show in winter, are also common.

Although consumers can find these promotions rather easily on the manufacturer’s website, the dealership’s online platform must also showcase current rebates and offers as soon as possible.

That’s why, at the beginning of each month, Consultant Auto updates the various promotions on each of our client’s websites. As soon as an automaker launches a new promotion or campaign, our promo team is notified. We are then able to offer a turnkey service that quickly updates the promotions on your website to reflect the new deals offered to your customers. Our promotions are adapted to the current season and the most popular or important models or services in your showroom or service department in order to increase their conversion potential.

We then create effective, high-quality visuals to go with the written promotions that also comply with various advertising regulations in your province. We will dive in more detail about promotional visuals in another article.

These promotions become a very effective tool in driving buyers to your website and then to your showroom. Most of our clients will publish these promotions on their social media pages and inside their newsletter, thus driving even more potential buyers to their dealership.

Having the promos on hand and available at the beginning of the month allows you to quickly capitalize on them and ultimately, increase your sales.

To learn more about our promo services, contact us today!