Geo-Fencing 360… Welcome to the Future!

Relatively new in the market of mobile targeting, geo-fencing is now an exciting opportunity to target actual, as well as potential, customers.

How Does Geo-Fencing 360 Work?

When a customer physically visits your dealership with smartphone in hand, his/her mobile device’s Unit ID pops into our database through a unique combination of geo-targeting methods. This system creates a kind of virtual ‘’fence’’ or barrier using specific latitude and longitude information.


After pinpointing a mobile’s specific location, our system can push specific advertising directly to the targeted user’s smartphone for a certain period of time (for example, between 30 and 60 days). It’s important to keep in mind that the mobile device’s Unit ID consists of a number code; it does not reveal the user’s personal information in any way.

How Does Geo-Fencing 360 Benefit You?

Geo-fencing 360 is useful for two excellent reasons. Primarily, this location-based mobile service enables you to retarget your own customers who have physically visited your dealership (service department, sales, etc.). Following a visit to your dealership, targeted shoppers will see advertisements for your special offers and incentives when they use various mobile apps.

In addition, with geo-fencing you can target potential customers that have visited the dealerships of your competitors. Just think of the possibilities! We call this ‘’conquest advertisement.’’ Targeting potential customers in this way allows for healthy competition in an already competitive market. The best part? You can target as many as you want – there are no restrictions!

And Now, for the Fun Part!

Our team has so many great ideas about how to attract and ‘’conquer’’ potential shoppers using Geo-Fencing 360. All in all, this type of innovative advertising strategy should contribute to the overall improvement of customer experience. It’s not about overwhelming smartphone users; instead, geo-fencing allows for another way to stay connected to customers and to offer special benefits!

SM 360 welcomes you to the future of targeted advertising!