Hot colours for 2015

When it comes time to choose colours for a website, many of us simply fall back on the usual array of blues, reds or greys. The safe approach. The choice that won’t ruffle feathers or make the higher-ups uncomfortable. But you’re not primarily building that website to please the internal team. Your website is created, above all, to transform potential buyers into new car owners.

Using more refreshing and up-to-date colours will give potential buyers the impression that your dealership is modern and keeping pace with the trends. That your dealership appreciates good design and has an eye for detail. It will get them excited to meet you—and isn’t that the first step towards sealing the deal?

Hot colours for 2015
Of course, your website must be aligned with the colours already selected for your dealership branding, but that doesn’t preclude you from dabbling in more trendy colours for accents, special promotions or specific campaigns.

So what’s hot? The Pantone Color Institute is the world authority on colour, providing designers of every stripe with the palette of colours we use to create the images, objects and products you see every day. Each year, Pantone names the Colour of the Year to represent the spirit of that coming year. In 2014, that colour was Radiant Orchid, a soft purple that symbolized our collective optimism for humanity and a hope for economic recovery.

For 2015, Pantone has chosen Marsala. A rich, earthy red, like the fortified wine it’s named for, Marsala is described as enriching “our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability”; “a subtly seductive shade” that “draws us into its embracing warmth”. According to Pantone, Marsala combines dramatically with neutrals, including warm taupes and greys. However, it is also compatible with amber and golden yellow, turquoise and teal green, and more vibrant blues.

Warm up your spring campaigns

Choosing the colour of the year for your website or upcoming promotion doesn’t have to be a risky prospect. There are ways to subtly introduce a more exciting shade, while still respecting the visual guidelines you have already created for your brand.

How would you like to use Marsala this year?