Best car ads of 2014


It’s only March and I know it’s a little early to be compiling a 2015’s best-of list, but 2014’s latest batch of car ads has been such a good one, I couldn’t help myself. Most are TV ads, but there are plenty of great spots making the rounds on the radio, in print and on the web too.

Here are my favourite car ads from the last few months.

Starting with #5: BMW Rear View

Cute concept, nice execution. An easy way to show how fun having a rear view camera is!


Coming in at #4: Audi

Ricky Gervais may be a bit less popular now than he was a few years ago (remember the Golden Globes?), but I really love his style and the dynamic edits of the ad really get me.


#3: Mercedes – Sorry

Sorry if you don’t like it… But I love a good laugh and this Mercedes ad deserves the number three slot! A very funny way to illustrate a very useful safety feature.


Pulling into the #2 spot: Jeep Upside Down

One print ad made it into my top 5! This ad, which features a simple illusion and the tagline “See what you want to see”, is “living” proof that you can execute a great idea at low cost.


jeep-printsPhoto Credit:


Drumroll, please! And at #1: Honda Illusions

An impossible, made possible. Hmmm… another ad using the idea of “illusions”. Is the car industry trying to tell us something here? Although I’m a bit wary of using illusions in advertising, I do love the concept. Kudos to the director for pulling it off so flawlessly! The illusions in this ad were created using 3D art. Have you ever considered using temporary artworks to advertise your brand?


What are your favourites?