Dynamic video case studies – Back to the Conference

What best practices in advertising strategy will help you reach potential buyers? That was the theme of the case study presented by the day’s third speaker, Patrick Tapp, CEO of Fidelitix.

“We know that 61% of customers planning to purchase a vehicle are between the ages of 18 and 44,” said Tapp. “How then, do we effectively communicate with this market segment?” The majority of these customers don’t consume advertising through traditional media channels like TV, movie theatres, or newspapers.

Advertising is all consumed digitally through online media blogs or YouTube. It’s the holy grail of a successful media strategy: how to deliver a cost-effective, impactful message that is seamless throughout the purchasing process, and with measured results.

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Tapp’s response: Online video.



It’s short and sweet, and it works!
Customers who view online videos are much more engaged with the brands they are researching. These customers check out many different touch-points including manufacturers’ online media and a dealer’s website. They share videos they have seen with their friends and family via their social networks, before checking out the real thing at the dealership. All important steps in the purchase cycle.


Don’t hesitate to contact your media director or account manager to leverage the efficiencies of dynamic video advertising through the customer journey.