Dealers and Video advertising – Back to the conference

The conference’s second presenter was François Haguel, Media Agency Lead at Google since 2013.

François Haguel shared industry best practices in terms of video advertising, as well as a few head-spinning statistics that got the audience thinking seriously about their online video platforms and the socio-demographic customer they are targeting.

High television production costs — combined with the fact that Millennials spend less time, if any, watching traditional TV — means online video advertising has become a key feature of a dealer’s advertising toolkit, valuable in that it is a measurable and profitable means to promote your brand.

One of the conference’s attendees ended the session with an excellent interpretation of Haguel’s presentation. The way I understand it, car manufacturers’ videos sell a dream; dealers’ videos make that dream a reality.

That’s the essence of good marketing: Advertise the vehicles your customers want to drive.


Car manufacturers are also seeing the potential in this type of media:  
BWM Films, Volvo’s ‘most epic of splits’ or Mercedes-Benz’s trailers. Dealerships have everything to gain with online video: it’s efficient, engaging and low cost. Haguel offered the audience a few words of encouragement: “All you need is a smart phone and a CRM to effectively engage your target market.”

Don’t hesitate to contact your media director or account manager to leverage the efficiencies of online video advertising through the customer journey.