Dealership engagement – Back To the Conference

The discussion on engagement, the overarching theme of the day, continued with Marc-André Allaire and Benoit Chiasson, the Media director and Vice-president of media and marketing, respectively, at Consultant Auto.

The key message: times are changing. No longer will a simple “Contact Us!” form on a dealer’s website generate excitement, let alone sales. Purchasing a vehicle in today’s world is a combination of factors which are, “fully within your control, if you take control!”

Of paramount importance is the engagement of your customers across a multitude of touch-points.

Allaire and Chiasson asked attendees to think about how they would define engagement: a customer’s interaction with a brand, its products, and the seemingly limitless number of points of contact he or she has on the journey from research to purchase.

engage1 engage2 engage3

Attention to all of these potential points of contact is essential for success when playing in this decision-making ecosystem.



Proof points: Volvo’s recent marketing campaign on social media generated more than 2,000 vehicle sales in the months directly following the campaign. 

Partnership with Consultant Auto has enabled its dealerships to generate 100 vehicle sales in the past year alone, as a direct result of social media.

Remember, every customer’s vehicle purchase – and the path to that purchase – is unique.


We’re all different. Indeed, a dealer’s website is a tangible, living media. It’s an online storefront, open 24/7 and its image, content, accessibility and the way the customer is able to interact with it, and on it, converts interest into sales. A higher number of sales can be the direct result of a well-planned website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to explore the many possibilities of customer engagement. Your media director or account manager will walk you through the solutions offered to dealers by Consultant Auto.