Customer testimonial: “A great, supportive, and dynamic team!”

We love receiving testimonies from satisfied clients, especially during this time of social distancing. The advent of COVID-19 means that staff started teleworking and we rolled up our sleeves to make sure that all our dealer clients benefit from the same efficiency and support as usual, despite an unprecedented situation, which brings its share of challenges.

We got in touch with Ms. Geneviève Leprohon, Sales assistant and customer relationship manager of two dealerships in Saguenay, and she shared her enthusiasm about 360.Agency and the work that we are proud to do.

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What 360.Agency products have you implemented in your dealerships?

CRM 360  has been in place for 18 months at Perron Ford (Chicoutimi) and since January 2020 in the Les Galeries Ford dealership (Jonquière). We also have our 2 websites with 360.Agency since mid-March as well as CHAT 360.

Good to know

CHAT 360 is an instant messaging system managed by experienced agents. It collects and synchronizes information directly in CRM 360. Offer quality customer service, even in the event of unavailable sales teams. You can benefit from it for free during the COVID-19 period with installation within 1 to 2 weeks. *

A Seamless and Transparent Experience

What did you think of the installation process?

With both the CRM and the websites, we could see that people in charge are experienced, they know what they are doing, and it was easy.[…]  I was always aware of what was going on, and it went very well. At one point, we were missing information to continue the process, but we were given the tools to try to find the answers to our questions.

An Integrated Ecosystem

Why did you persevere in launching your websites and CHAT 360 when the threat of the pandemic was growing?

We know that for us to do business, the Internet is essential, especially at times like these. [With our websites and CHAT 360] this allows us to recover opportunities, follow-up and always have contact with customers. This is easier to do with 360.Agency products than with our previous suppliers, as they did not offer complete solutions like these.

A Single Point of Contact

What results have you seen since the installation?

Before, the problem was that we had several suppliers of products who spent their time passing the buck. Now, if I need support, as you are all in the same agency, I speak to my advisor and the problem is resolved quickly. It’s much easier as a customer.

360.Agency Synergy

Are you thinking of implementing other products to benefit from 360.Agency synergy?

We started digital advertising with Adwords, Facebook, banners and retargeting, but that has been cut for the moment because of the situation with COVID-19. […] Online sales solutions are particularly interesting because of the option of signing the contract remotely.

Supportive and Efficient Teams

What do you appreciate the most about the 360.Agency teams?

I especially appreciate that people are always available to help me. If a problem occurs, I always get answers quickly. An effective follow-up is very important to me.

Original testimony from Ms. Leprohon: “A quick note to tell you that our Perron Ford and Galeries Ford sites are now online! The management is very happy with the result and I am really proud. The site is super user-friendly, the effective live chat and the tracking system, WÔW! […] You are really a great, supportive and dynamic team!”

Thank you again to Ms. Leprohon for sharing her customer experience with us. If you also want to benefit from the many advantages of 360.Agency and become a client,
Thank you again to Ms. Leprohon for sharing her customer experience with us. If you also want to benefit from the many advantages of 360.Agency and become a client,

* Offer subject to conditions. Contact our customer service for more information.