Consumer Trends After 4 Weeks of Social Distancing

We have just finished the 4th week of social distancing. Quebec and Ontario implemented measures on March 12 and with the rest of the provinces following suit, traffic is now stabilizing across Canada. It constantly fluctuates at around 65% of the pre-COVID-19 period, with the Maritimes and Ontario slightly more active than the rest of the country.

Dealership sites are generating opportunities with more committed buyers. This week, I would like to show you, in pictures, the purchasing behaviour of consumers since the start of the crisis. 

Traffic is down, but has stabilized around 65% since last week.


Walk-ins have almost disappeared since March 16.


In normal circumstances, we receive more than 100,000 incoming calls per month through our PHONETRACK 360 application. Incoming calls to dealers have dropped by close to 75% since March 25, 2020.


The opportunities generated by CHAT 360 are increasing. This shows a need for consumers to engage and connect with people during this period of isolation.


We found that several dealers are modifying their approaches to the industry crisis. They are assessing their options and more specifically, their strategies to accelerate the evolution and digital transformation of their organizations.

Our collaborators have written an excellent article on the best practices to implement during and after the COVID-19 crisis. I recommend reading it, as it outlines key strategies which I hope will help you move forward.


Louis-Yves Cloutier
CEO & President

Sources: Data was collected from dealer websites managed by 360.Agency, DASH 360 platforms, CRM Pro 360 and Google Analytics.

Louis-Yves Cloutier