The next generation of CRM Pro 360 is now available!

CRM Pro 360 - 360.Agency

Always at the leading edge of technological innovation, 360.Agency launches a new version of CRM Pro 360! Over the past few days, we have been deploying the upgraded version of our flagship software suite.

A number of aesthetic and functional improvements have been made to make it more user-friendly and provide a better experience. Enjoy enhanced customization and smoother, more intuitive navigation! 

CRM Pro 360 brings together all the digital solutions you need in your car dealership to manage your customer relationships on a single platform.

CRM Pro 360, a constant process of improvement

The technological update of CRM Pro 360 reflects our commitment to constantly upgrading our products to meet dealers’ real needs.

This development supports a major project already underway at 360.Agency: optimizing and accelerating the technological development of its platforms to introduce innovations on a regular basis.

For the past 18 months, our R&D team has been working hard on a complete technological overhaul of all 360.Agency solutions. These solutions will benefit from a more modern visual architecture, and can continue to evolve regularly to remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation. 

The 5 CRM Pro 360 innovations for 2023

1. A brand-new dashboard
2. Optimized and smoother navigation
3. Multitasking feature
4. Lead-integrated contact sheet
5. Customize your display

crm pro 360
A controlled migration
JF Blaquiere

” We have decided to offer our users a progressive migration to the new CRM Pro 360. Everyone can choose the ideal moment in their day or week to familiarize themselves with the new environment. It also enables us to offer webinars to support users, and to maintain excellent control over the quality of SUPPORT 360. 

The migration is going very well so far. More than half of the user base has visited the new CRM Pro 360, and adoption is very rapid. It doesn’t take long for an (average) user to become familiar with the new CRM and be 100% functional. Of course, you have to appreciate what’s new! ” – Jean-Francois Blaquière, CRM Pro 360 Product Manager