Create more opportunities for your business through customer engagement

The biggest challenge of any business in a hyper-competitive market like the automobile industry is undoubtedly customer engagement. Engagement was the topic of conversation this past Wednesday, October 19th at Google’s Montreal offices, where more than 50 dealers took advantage of an exclusive invitation to attend Consultant Auto’s Think Auto conference, in partnership with Google.

In the spirit of participation, good humour, and of course engagement, dealers set aside their differences for the day to listen to what our six expert speakers had to say on issues and opportunities that are unique to our industry.


Details of each speaker’ session can be found here:

> Think Auto by Jean Philippe Gauthier

> Dealers and video advertising by François Haguel

> Dynamic video case studies by Patrick Tapp

> Dealership engagement by Marc-André Allaire & Benoit Chiasson

>  Future outlook by Louis-Yves Cloutier


6 tips every dealer should implement as soon as possible to increase customer engagement:

1- Manage micro-moments.

Questions customers ask themselves during the sales cycle influence how they research their purchase. The way in which the brand – and by extension the dealer – responds very often determines the customer’s final decision.

2- An average of 1.4 test drives per customer!

Encourage test drives. If a customer takes a test drive, the dealer has a 75% chance of selling the car! Don’t give that sale to your competitor.

3- Be open and honest..

Customers are savvy and expect you to communicate with them honestly and with integrity. Post photos of new vehicles currently on your lot; show what’s really available. Use your mobile phone to film and upload video of available vehicles. Paint the picture. Show some passion!

4- 2017 – The Year of the Video!

The next-gen consumer has an insatiable appetite for video. Think Facebook, YouTube, blogs…. TV is old-school. Today’s technology allows you to cost-effectively post exceptional promotional videos in HD, empowering you to increase the impact of your marketing strategy. What are you waiting for?

5- Never underestimate the power of a customer’s purchase experience.

Social networks give potential customers the ability to easily review and share feedback, both positive and negative. If a negative experience goes viral it could have a huge impact on your reputation.

6- 41% of people surveyed expect to one day purchase their vehicle online. 

Use digital media strategies and use them exceptionally well. Tomorrow is the new today.


CA360 and its customers are fully engaged in expanding customer touch-points and are investing time, energy and resources in research strategies, content, advertising, video, and social media — all with a collaborative goal to sell more vehicles!

Are you ready to translate thought into action, and want to consider a few of Consultant Auto’s recommendations with our team?
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