Future outlook – Back to the conference

Louis-Yves Cloutier, Consultant Auto’s president and co-founder, wrapped up the conference by reiterating the importance of a successful purchase experience for every customer, and the need for open and honest dialogue, a major consideration for today’s consumers.

He also reminded the audience that consumer preferences are in a constant state of flux but that change is not something to be intimidated by.

He ended by recapping some of the exciting new products and future innovations he and his team are working on:
Campaign360 :
An easy-to-use tool for targeted online marketing campaigns, to keep in touch efficiently and effectively with your after-sales service customers.
The best way to maintain a relationship with your customers is being able to target them with push notifications, offering a best-in-class experience with offers tailored specifically to their needs. The click-through rate of a push notification is an incredible 97%! Customers who are engaged thanks to push notifications are proactively opening the door to communicate with you.
CRM Mobile
All the features of your CRM platform in a mobile version, created to optimize productivity, performance, and accessibility of your sales department. Available in early 2017.
Showroom 360
Thanks to the Think Auto study, we know that 41% of potential customers are price shopping online and are considering purchasing online. Showroom 360 is the first step in automotive e-commerce towards a future where an entire purchase decision will be played out online. The customer of the future wants to be in the driver’s seat.

Never underestimate a customer walking into your dealership. He or she is already armed with the spec sheet of the vehicle in mind, from preferred colour to choice of available options. He’s seen the video. She’s fully aware of the price she has in mind and is prepared to negotiate. All these steps are a direct consequence of the internet. Showroom 360 is Consultant Auto’s integrated solution that seamlessly connects your website and your showroom with a full 360 back to your website.

"Integrated systems and processes allow dealerships to offer a complete purchase experience to meet the needs of today’s customers."
Louis-Yves Cloutier
Are you a dealership with engagement issues and looking to overcome those challenges? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our media directors who will build an action plan tailored to your unique situation.