360.Experts – Our Tips for an Optimal Presence on Social Media!

Take care of your online reputation and increase your conversion rate with an optimized presence on social media!

Today, online searches are a milestone for a consumer who wants to buy a new vehicle. Your branding goes through your web reputation! With a good social media management, you’ll make prospects push the door of your dealership.

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Kim Pelletier
Team Lead - Social Media Manager
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Kim Pelletier
Team Lead - Social Media Manager
"We support the client in managing
his online brand image, which will result
in a long-term sales impact."
"We support the client in managing his online brand image,
which will result in a long-term sales impact."

Does a dealer have to be on social media?

It is highly recommended! Social media give you an online presence and allow you to take care of your brand image and above all to be competitive. Being active on social media allows you to stay in the mind of people who will think about you when they will buy a car! Before going to the dealership, customers usually make online searches to know where to go!

It is important to use the human side of social media, in order to be seen not only from a purely promotional angle. These are tools to build an online community, exchange with customers and prospects, create a bond of confidence and loyalty. Buying a vehicle is a major purchase for a customer, it’s an important event in life. So he has to be able to trust his dealer.

Which are the most useful social media of the dealer ?

Facebook first. Nowadays, Instagram is increasingly a reference too, as much as Google My Business! These are the three keys to start on a good basis, but there are others. It depends on the online strategy the dealer wants to implement. Further, it’s important to know that social media has a significant impact on SEO. It’s a key element to develop a good strategy!

At 360.Agency, you offer a turnkey social media management service for dealers. How does it work?

Our approach is tailored to the needs of each client. Each strategy is unique!

We offer full social media management. We define with the client his needs and the best strategy to adopt. We support the publication of promotions, news, photos or videos, we respond to online comments and questions.

This is essential because it has a direct impact on branding and sales. Are the comments positive? Have the negative comments – because there are still some – been managed? Did the dealer take the time to respond? We are here to support the client in the management of their online brand image.

At 360.Agency, your success is our main goal. With a constant presence and a reactive attitude on social media, you will reinforce your brand image! We can define a strategy together, tailored to your needs. Take control of your online reputation starting now!