Why your dealership should be using Instagram

Instagram may be one of the newest members to the social media family, but with over 300 million users this young platform is certainly settling in well.

instagram1If you’re not yet familiar with Instagram, it’s a mobile photo and video-sharing platform that allows individuals, as well as many businesses and brands, to show-off their personality through fun imagery. Instagram is unique in the way that content is less of a focus. It’s solely the images and videos that tell the story.

So, your dealership is ready to get noticed on Instagram, but you could use a little help? Let’s start with the basics. Here are 3 important reasons why your dealership should be using Instagram:

Show off the real you

If you want your dealer to be remembered on Instagram it’s important that you create a way to show off the real you. This allows your followers to understand who your dealership is and what’s important to you and your team. How can this be done? Well, for one, consistency! Put thought into your posts and make sure there is a connection with what’s being posted and your overall dealership image. Next, give your followers something they can’t find anywhere else, and especially something different from what you offer on Facebook and Twitter. Be creative with your photos, use filters to enhance images, use cool angles, lighting and other photography tricks . . . the new 2017 that just arrived will look even better! ????

Show off what makes your dealership different! Share pictures and videos from events, introduce new faces, new employees or even a behind the scenes sneak-peak to give your followers a feel for what is happening in and around your dealership.

#Hashtag your way to fame

Once again we return back to the topic of #hashtags! #Hashtags are just as important on Instagram as on any other social media platform and they are used in a very similar way. They help create a brand identity and enable topics related to your dealership and brand to be searched easily. Creating personalized #hashtags or incorporating industry related #hashtags is a great way for your dealership to be found and noticed. Just remember that, like Twitter, users need to be smart with #hashtags because they can be very annoying! Don’t overuse them, keep them short and only use words that are actually relevant to the photo you are tagging.

 Connect with your followers

As the term states, social media is a place where you are meant to be social and Instagram makes it easy! Looking to encourage test drives? Get those test drive selfies trending! Free car wash weekend? Have fans post and tag your dealership location in the best shot of their freshly cleaned ride. Getting your followers involved not only creates a connection, but it’s great for customers who really just want you to notice their love for your dealership and dealership brand. Oh, and make sure they use your #hashtags!

These basics reasons for why you should be on Instagram will surely get you started in the right direction. There are, of course, other tips that can help you create a powerful Instagram account so stay tuned!


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