Do you know the real power of coupons?

Coupons are very important on dealer’s websites because they are crucial to the mechanism that converts a visitor into a buyer.

Basically, coupons attract new clients and are the last step before the purchase of a car.


According to a 2012 study coupons have a great influence on consumers : it seems that coupons make customers happier and more relaxed. It is the exact state of mind you want to ease your client into in order for them to appreciate their experience.

Since client’s satisfaction is the number one priority for the dealerships, it is crucial to use coupons on their websites in order to offer your potential clients a great experience. A happy customer will likely write positive feedback on your social media outlets, leave a good feedback on your website or subscribe to your newsletter.

The coupon’s main objective is to convert a person visiting your website into a potential buyer. To do so, the content is crucial, since it will make the offer appealing to the customer.

According to E-marketer, coupons, including exclusive offers, are the ones that are the most successful. VIP offers make the customer feel unique, which is what buyers are looking for nowadays.


If the coupon’s value is good, the customer will have the sentiment of getting a good deal, paying less than the majority of other buyers, triggering the feeling of happiness touched upon earlier. This also means that the dealership’s offer needs to set himself apart, in order for every client to feel privileged.

A good way to add value to the coupon is by limiting the time frame where the offer is available. The fear of passing on a good deal is a great motivation for a majority of buyers, therefore, it is important to limit the time and add rarity to the offer.

I would end by citing a Microsoft Advertising study indicating that 38% of internet mobile users in the US are more likely to do business with a dealer if the latter offers a coupon on his mobile website.