Why install the complete 360.Agency ecosystem in your dealership? A testimonial.

Performance Mazda, Ottawa’s most successful Mazda dealership uses 360.Agency’s complete ecosystem of tools and solutions. Andrew Bernard, the dealership’s principal dealer and general manager, shares his experience with the CRM Pro 360 and XMS Pro 360 suites.


He explains the benefits brought to him by the 360.Agency ecosystem in the dealership:

The complete 360.Agency ecosystem: a huge competitive advantage

We wanted to have a one-stop shop, rather than a desking software, another for the CRM, and a separate follow-up software. With CRM Pro 360 we were able to consolidate everything into one software, so we’ve been very, very happy with it. 

Thanks to 360.Agency’s comprehensive solution, Performance Mazda no longer wastes time on administrative details and emphasizes the focus on customer satisfaction and business development.

Consumers come to the dealership having completed most of the steps at home that are necessary to finalize a sale. They already have an idea of the models and configurations that interest them and know what to expect in terms of financing thanks to an appraisal of the value of their vehicle. When they arrive at the dealership, they are customers who are ready to buy.

According to Performance Mazda, working with the 360.Agency ecosystem means:

 Informed customers already in the purchasing phase at the dealership.

 Support from a team of experts who are always available.

 Access to technology that is superior to what exists on the market.

 Dashboards with necessary data for decision-making.

 The ability to manage the business in a decentralized way.

Desking 360 Synergy

DESKING 360: the missing link

What makes us unique is that we manage the business in a decentralized way.

DESKING 360 is the revolutionary desking software that allows car dealers to create, modify and finalize quotes directly where customers personalize their vehicle choice: on the web as well as at dealerships.

What made the difference for Andrew Bernard and his team was the fact that integrating all his tools in one place allowed him to support his vision of decentralized management. Because salespeople have more control over quotes and their modifications, they have more autonomy. They can access the vehicles in their customers’ virtual garage, integrate the trade-in value of an older vehicle and share quotes online with undecided consumers.

Desking 360 Logo

Make the leap to DESKING 360 to:

 Integrate your quotes with the entire 360.Agency ecosystem with an innovative product.

 Increase your productivity by providing a smooth and seamless customer experience.

 Revolutionize the relationship between sellers and customers by offering them an interactive collaborative environment.

Give your customers the DESKING 360 experience