Update for Friday, March 20th, 2020- 360.Agency will help our dealership clients!

Firstly, we hope that all the families and employees of our dealership customers and partners are doing well.

 During a time of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing, we must all do our part. In the past week, we have seen a significant increase in requests from dealers to use our content creation service. They are seeking to adapt their digital platform to the new reality brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.

 For new and used vehicle dealers, adjusting their message and image is of paramount importance in responding to consumers who visit their website.

It is with this in mind that 360.Agency is announcing a new measure to help our customers.
Some dealers do not have editorial or graphic design services.

 From today, and retroactively effective as of March 12th, the starting date of announcements on social distancing measures, dealers will benefit from an allowance of up to three hours of production, marketing or editorial content at no cost.

To benefit from our help to create coupons, carousel-type banners, promotions, mass emails or editorial articles linked to your websites, contact your Support Account Manager or Media Director.

All our customers who have already used our services in the past few days or who have a monthly plan for all applicable products * will automatically receive a credit on their next invoice.

The Evolution of Consumer Behaviour

In another vein, here are the latest updates on the evolution of consumer behaviour on the platforms of websites hosted by SM360:

    • Ontario is rebounding with traffic similar to the week before the crisis.
    •  Quebec remains stable with a drop of around 15% drop compared to last week.
    • As expected, Western Canada is joining the rest of the country with a 15% drop in traffic in the past two days (Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th).

Online research is picking up according to Google:

  • The cost per click for customers using our ad placement services is approaching levels that resemble the week before social distancing measures.
  • According to Google Trends, the search level for terms related to the automotive industry in Canada is similar to the usual seasonal levels. You can consult the statistics concerning Google searches for specific vehicles and see their graphical representation clicking on the link: https://trends.google.com/trends

The demand for the installation of our online sales solutions (SHOWROOM 360-V2) is increasing. Retailers are looking to increase their options to engage consumers who continue to shop on their websites.

Consumers are starting to adapt to their new reality and dealers are following with equally creative approaches. We all want this world crisis to dissipate as quickly as possible. However, it will leave its mark and change not only the vehicle purchasing behaviour for consumers, but also that of retailers in terms of their marketing strategy.

We are at the dawn of a real revolution in online vehicle sales.

*Applicable products: coupons, carousel promo, special offers, articles and emails.



Louis-Yves Cloutier
CEO & President