Twitter Tips

Twitter, the conversation hub of the web! Fast-paced, to the point, and highly social, Twitter gives you the freedom to express whatever is on your mind at any time of the day to your entire follower base. Awesome right? So then why is your Twitter not seeing very much action? Retweets? Favorites? Anyone there?

Here are a few tips that you will want to consider:

It’s all About the Content 

As most people already know, Tweets are restricted to a max of 140 characters. Although this may seem like a fair amount of text, you’ll find it is often difficult to fit everything you want to say into this amount of space.

And just to make your life a little more challenging, it is even suggested to limit your tweets to 110 characters as these are often more likely to be engaged with than longer tweets. Regardless of the number of characters, make sure your tweets get straight to the point, are clear and as much as possible try to include a call to action or a link.

Avoid Lifestyle Posts

Maybe for a personal account but if you’re managing a business Twitter account, no one is really interested to hear about what you ate for lunch or what time you got into the office (well maybe some people…). To be sure that your followers are interested in your tweets, focus on content that is related to your brand. Special online sale coming up this weekend? Include the exclusive Twitter promo code. Must read industry news just released? Tweet the link.


Tweet Images

Yes I know, I just told you how important your text content is on Twitter so why am I now talking about images? Well, you know that saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? They don’t say that for nothing!

As humans it is only normal for us to be drawn to fun, appealing images and as the saying goes, an image can really sum up what 140 characters cannot say. Tweets that have images accompanied with it tend to get more engagement and action than tweets with just text so as much as possible you’ll want to mix it up and include both.



This is a tricky one because often #hashtags are not used properly and you’re left with a useless tweet with a bunch of number signs. That said, including #hashtags in your posts and including them at the right time and place can really help get your tweets noticed. Twitter was actually the original user of #hashtags and this trend continues to be used on the platform as a way for people to find tweets related to their interest. Just remember to limit your #hashtags, keep them short and easily searchable, and use words that are related to your tweet topic, business, event, etc.

Well then, you better get to tweeting!