Solutions Médias 360 now CRM certified for Nissan and Infiniti Canada

Solutions Médias 360 is proud to announce that in late 2014, we successfully completed Consumer Relation Management (CRM) certification for Nissan and Infiniti Canada.

This certification, obtained in partnership with Shift Digital, confirms our ability to intake, process, manage and transmit leads from manufacturing sources, as well as website updates from Nissan and Infiniti Canada, for our dealership clients in real time via our CRM360 management tool. All activities that generate new opportunities—telephone calls, email and SMS campaigns (SMS360), status changes, etc. —can also be managed with this tool.

CRM360 additionally compiles leads from third parties, namely, websites such as Kijiji, Canadian Black Book and, giving dealerships access to a unique management tool, while also fulfilling Nissan and Infiniti Canada’s standards for managing leads and response times.

Obtaining this new certification was the next logical step for Solutions Médias 360. The process, started in early 2014 and required by Nissan and Infiniti Canada, now enables us to create dealership websites and manage leads generated by those sites, as well as export analytics to Shift Digital.