Facebook taking a big leap this year!

With more than a billion active users, Facebook is an ideal tool for reaching out to your consumers. Like everything else though, this platform is constantly evolving and implements changes throughout the year. Here are three new functionalities that you should know about and how to leverage them in support of your campaigns.

Add an engaging call to action

You know, of course, that your conversion rate drastically lifts when a compelling call to action is involved. The good news is – you can now add a CTA button directly on your Facebook page, including “Contact us”, “Buy now” and “Sign up”.
You can even select the call to action button that will best drive business to your product or service. So practical!

An improved, more relevant feed

Following a large-scale survey of what users want, Facebook completely reworked the algorithm for its news feed to show you more informative and engaging content. But you guessed it… promotional content will now be severely penalized, unless it’s paid for! This change makes it more challenging to reach your target, so your content will have to be more pertinent than ever in order to engage users.

Facebook and Kijiji on even ground?

This year, Facebook will move forward with implementation of its free classified ad service in private groups, accessible to both professional and individual users. It is now possible to sell products or services by posting a short description, photo and the price.

Thus far, 2015 has been Facebook’s year for improving the quality of the user experience. Do you have any concerns or questions about these changes? The main message to take away from all this is that it’s now easier to deliver quality and original promotional content that consumers will actually see in their news feed. Contact us for more details!