SM360 and Consultant Auto, Proud Partners of Groupe Vincent

From Philias all the way to Maxime and Étienne, the success of Groupe Vincent is 4 generations and 90 years in the making.

As pioneers and innovators in the auto industry, they have always believed in bringing their dealerships into the digital age.  

After the redesign of their first three websites in 2015 — Avantage Honda, Prestige Mazda, and Hyundai 3-rivières — we are proud to announce the grand unveiling of Groupe Vincent’s 4th masterpiece: Hyundai Shawinigan, the group’s most recent acquisition. This site was designed from the ground up not just to streamline vehicle sales, but as a way to preserve the history and values that have guided Groupe Vincent since their beginning in 1924.

As business partners for over 4 years, SM360 and CA are proud to have worked with Groupe Vincent, helping them meet their goals in an innovative way.

“We are partners. We share the same business objectives, and we look forward to working together in the future to push the boundaries of the digital marketplace.”
-Daniel Martin, CEO and founder of SM360

We thank Groupe Vincent for their confidence in our work, and for allowing us to participate in their forward-thinking vision.  Given their long history and willingness to innovate, we expect they’ll find only greater success in the future, and we’re happy to be along for the ride!