Google Does it Again! Unveils New Expanded Text Ads Format

So, a couple of weeks ago total panic erupted in the digital marketing world; Google was removing right hand ads. Already marketers were competing heavily for, at most, 10% of click-throughs for any given keyword. With this modification, it basically equated more expensive clicks for less real-estate. But just as Google taketh Google giveth. Enter the new innovation called Expanded Text Ads.

What Changes?

To fully understand the impact of this roll-out here is a brief explanation of how text ads work in Google now. Currently when a headline is created and followed by a period, the ads are extended (see picture below). Now, the extended ads will allow for nearly 50% greater ad copy.Granted this feature will show on only up to 20% of the available traffic but the impact can truly increase an advertiser’s bottom line.


Why you should care?
This allows for a better presentation of your promos, in-house coupons and marketing tactics. Google estimates that the final impact of these ETAs (extended text ads) can be up to a 20% increase in CTR (click-through rate).


Think about it…
It’s no secret that the success of Adwords is due to attracting users who initially searched for a given term. Meaning they already have an interest in what you are selling. With ETAs you are better able to add information about your business, making the user fully aware of who you are and what you do. Not only are you going to generate 20% more traffic than you would with a regular ad, but the prospect will be much more informed.


Imagine the impact this will have on conversion!


Here’s the kicker: it’s currently a closed beta. This means only a certain group of advertisers have the ability to try these awesome ads out. SM360 , being a premier SMB partner, is one of the few Canadian agencies that can actually have first access!

Look out for a follow-up article on the impact these ads have.