Increase your conversions with coupons

No matter the industry, every business is looking for a way to stand out online when converting visitors and directing them to a product or service offered by the company. Grabbing a user’s attention becomes even more important when we are in an industry where all players have the same promotions and marketing tools to work with.

This is the case in the automotive industry, specifically dealerships. They must attract consumers with promotional offers which are often dictated by the manufacturer. It can be a challenge to stand out online when trying to attract a visitor to a specific promotion or product, because our competitors offer the same discounts and special offers.


The solution? Promotional coupons. Offered through the use of pop-ups that appear when a user visits a page of your site, these coupons lead to a specific action on the part of the visitor. This can be many things, but what matters is that the customer becomes attached to your dealer for a period of time, say the 90 days allotted for redeeming the coupon in question.

The coupon may, for example, require the user to fill out certain information in order to book a test drive. Or, the coupon may also offer a discount towards the purchase of a new vehicle or a rebate at the service and maintenance department. With these coupons, we draw direct attention to our promotions and products.

The effectiveness of coupons has be proven many times over. They are considered the second most important source for generating leads.

They can be effective both on desktop and on mobile in increasing the conversion rate for each visitor, regardless of the communication tool they are using.

A growing tool

More and more companies recognize the importance of coupons. A recent study published by eMarketer estimates that the number of companies using them will increase from 32 percent in 2013 to almost half in 2017.

Consumers who redeem coupons is set to increase by 7.6 percent this year while the number of people who receive their coupon on their mobile device will increase by 18.4%.

For dealers, this is a trend that cannot be ignored. Also according to eMarketer, coupons will represent 39 percent of sales this year and 36 percent of leads.


Coupons are not a new phenomenon. They have been around for a while. The difference today is that consumers receive their coupons online. It’s faster and easier, which is why their popularity is set to increase dramatically. Don’t miss out on this rather important tool!