Get Your Resume Noticed with These Simple Tips

For a resume to stand out it doesn’t have to be pink. It doesn’t have to be 5 pages long. It doesn’t include your profile picture, date of birth, and nationality. Regardless, recruiters seem to be receiving far too many pink 5-page ‘This is my profile picture and I can do Photoshop’ resumes. If you would like recruiters to read your resume and call you back, keep in mind these simple rules:

  • Keep it simple & captivating: Depending on your education and work experience, a resume should be 1 to 2 pages long, not more! Include meaningful content by giving concrete examples of projects you worked on, achievements you made, and responsibilities you were given. Always keep it in line with what the hiring company is looking for.

Recruiters usually only look at your resume for a couple of seconds before deciding whether to keep it or not. If does not get straight to the point, chances of them reading it entirely are VERY low.

  • Keep it sweet: Use the same font throughout your resume make sure the alignment is perfect, and proofread your resume for mistakes.

If your resume has grammar mistakes, chances of it not being considered are very high. If you can’t get your resume right, how will you be able to get your job assignments right?

  • Forget about the picture: In Canada, your photo, date of birth, nationality etc. are a no-go.

Should you still want to put your picture on your resume, you’ll drastically increase the chances of it not being considered. Instead, make sure to keep your LinkedIn and Social Media profiles updated.

  • Have a professional email: is probably not a good example of an email address you want to send your application from. Make sure your email address is professional; for example, a good email address includes your name and surname. Avoid numbers, funny allusions, etc.
  • Stick to WORD: Many large companies use ATS-systems to manage the hundreds of resumes they receive every day. These systems may sometimes mess up the layout of your beautiful resume that you spent time and effort working on. Tables, for example, might not be transferred exactly one to one, meaning that your dates could get disconnected from the rest of your text. Some ATS-systems also have difficulty reading resumes in PDF format and can alter your name to Unknown Unknown. A solution is to send and upload your resume in a simple WORD document using text only and no tables etc. Open your resume as a .txt before sending it to see whether the formatting remains the same. ATS-systems upload your documents as .txt.-docs as well.

Follow these five simple steps and your resume is bound to get noticed. Spending that little extra time and effort on refining your resume may be the difference between not getting a call and landing your dream job!