The next-generation digital retail platform.

Market your new and used vehicles with a solution tailored to the needs of today's consumers and dealers.


The next-generation digital retail platform.

Market your new and used vehicles with a solution tailored to the needs of today's consumers and dealers.

A redesigned digital retail experience, for more
flexibility and better integration on your website!

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Enhanced user experience
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A simple, transparent, and complete online experience!

With SHOWROOM 360, offer your visitors the autonomy, flexibility, and quality of service they are looking for in today’s modern and connected dealerships. Our e-commerce solution gives you the flexibility and security to market your vehicles to attract buyers.

100% Online
100% online and secure transactions
Give your buyers the freedom to manage their purchase from A to Z autonomously. If they wish, their transaction can be contact-free until delivery.
Immersive, simple, and seamless shopping experience
Select, build, and compare vehicles, choice of options, financial products, etc. Offer the same purchasing steps online as in the dealership.
Better integration
Complete digital retail platform
Enjoy a redesigned digital retail experience with better integration and flexibility on your website.
Details of Quote
Share details about your quotes
Real-time two-way synchronization of the content of your quotes between DESKING 360 and SHOWROOM 360.
SHOWROOM 360 Personalize and purchase vehicles online

Personalize and purchase vehicles online

For the first time in Canada, your customers benefit from a platform that allows them to complete the entire process of buying a new or used vehicle without ever leaving their home.

SHOWROOM 360 guides your visitors step by step and offers them all the customization offered by the manufacturer as well as the purchase steps usually carried out in dealerships:

  • Select the model and configuration 
  • Decide on financing and insurance products 
  • Assess the trade-in value of their vehicle
  • Choose different payment instalments
  • Apply for credit from the manufacturer’s financial services
  • Reserve their order by credit card
SHOWROOM 360-Offer a tailor-made purchase journey

Offer a tailor-made purchase journey

In the My Transaction tab, SHOWROOM 360 saves the selected options and allows your customers to build their own purchase journey by easily moving from one section to another. They can:

  • Add new or used vehicles to their virtual garage (My Garage).
  • Instantly get an appraisal of the trade-in value of their current vehicle.
  • Receive their financing or credit approval entirely online.

Your visitors can start the purchase process on the internet and finalize it at the dealership, or decide to buy their vehicle 100% online. You offer customers an immersive and unique experience where all stages of the vehicle purchase process are fully adapted to the needs of each buyer.

SHOWROOM 360-Synchronize your new vehicle inventory

Synchronize your new vehicle inventory

Thanks to a specific VIN configuration, SHOWROOM 360 is linked to your complete inventory of new vehicles and allows you to easily market your models in stock according to OEM offers and corresponding promotions. Our system allows consumers to:

  • Compare new vehicles based on offers, options, and accessories included.
  • Adjust the payment according to the consumer’s budget.
  • Display the Canadian vehicle corresponding to the customer’s selection according to the year, make, model, version, and interior and exterior colours while you add the real photo of the vehicle available at the dealership.
  • Sell the vehicles you have in stock and renew your inventory faster.
SHOWROOM 360 Showcase your used vehicle inventory

Price and Payment Transparency

Offer your customers a self-service platform allowing them to choose the payment options, maturities and down payment that best suit their needs to adjust the final price of their vehicle—all in real time!

SHOWROOM 360 allows your customers to insert their selection of credit offers from different organizations, including the Manufacturer’s Certified Used Vehicles program. They can thus calculate the best possible financing options based on the mileage and year of the chosen vehicle. All they have to do is finalize the transaction online.

SHOWROOM 360 - Offer an instant estimate of trade-in value

Offer an instant estimate of trade-in value

Attract more potential customers and generate better quality leads with our integrated TRADE 360 tool. TRADE 360 connects to the Canadian Black Book to allow your customers to estimate the trade-in value of their vehicle directly on your website.

This trade-in value will be included in the payment calculation for their next vehicle, and they will be able to adjust the final price seamlessly. TRADE 360 integrates easily on many types of pages to offer your visitors a quality user experience without having to leave your website.

SHOWROOM 360-Simplified credit approval

Simplified credit approval

Getting approved for credit just got easier!

Thanks to the connection between SHOWROOM 360 and the manufacturer’s financial services, your customers can apply for financing quickly and securely, 100% online, from the comfort of their home and spend less time at the dealership. Your showroom is active 24/7 and your customers can buy their vehicle whenever they want! 

SHOWROOM 360-V2_delivery_360.Agency

Reserving a vehicle 100% online

With SHOWROOM 360, your customers can reserve their new vehicle by making a secure and refundable deposit, directly on your website. They do not need to go through an external platform. 


Once the online reservation is complete, stand out from the competition by offering home delivery of the vehicle. And if not, your buyers always have the option of picking up their vehicle at the dealership. SHOWROOM 360 also lets your customers get prepared for their dealership visit by partially completing their transaction at home. When they come to the dealership, they are ready to finalize their purchase!

Why turn to e-commerce in your dealership?

Benefits for the dealership

  • Increase customer trust and engagement
  • Increase the performance of your sites
  • Capture sales leads
  • Generate 100% online sales
  • Become a leader in your market
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Benefits for your buyers

  • Perform all the steps of the buying process online, without having to travel
  • Buy a vehicle online
  • Prepare for the visit to the dealership in an autonomous and personalized way
  • Save time and money

Switch to e-commerce now and join the online sales revolution in the automotive industry.

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