SHOWROOM 360 Technological innovations

SHOWROOM 360 - Next Gen


SHOWROOM 360Technological Innovations

The next generation of digital retailing



Technological Innovations

The next generation of digital retailing

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SHOWROOM 360, even more integrated

  • Bi-directional synchronization of quotes between SHOWROOM 360 and DESKING 360
  • Enhanced customer experience with a more customizable interface
  • Optimized Google referencing for greater visibility

Two-way synchronization

Real-time, two-way synchronization of quote data between

  • Access your catalog details or build your vehicles directly from SHOWROOM 360
  • Edit a quote in one place, and it gets updated everywhere
  • A single listing for both the vehicle builder and the catalogue
  • One vehicle configurator for both SHOWROOM 360 and DESKING 360 for a unified experience between the 2 platforms
SHOWROOM 360 combiné à DESKING 360
SHOWROOM360 - Optimized user experience

Improved filters

    • Enhanced color filters
    • Number of vehicles in stock for each category

Revised payment calculator

    • All payment criteria are saved for later use
    • Possibility to set your own budget
    • Greater detail of discounts, accessories and options 

More intuitive

    • TRADE 360 evolved: clearer and more intuitive steps
    • New pagination system

More customizable

    • More options to customize SHOWROOM 360 to your image
    • A consistent experience for your customers

Even more SEO Optimization

    • Maximize your online presence with URLs that respect SEO best practices (VLP, VDP new/used and VDP build summary)
    • Increase visibility with Google mobile-first compliant web pages
SHOWROOM 360 - Optimized SEO
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