Video Narrative: Show yourself in a new light

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 1.8 million! At least according to research and analysis firm Forrester that regularly examines the importance of video to promote a company and its products and services. The explosive growth of YouTube also proves the importance of video that should be used to send a clear message quickly that serves to inform or simply entertain.

If you’re still not convinced, know that the majority of Internet specialists believe that soon, 90 percent of users on the internet will be there to watch a video. In addition, 58 percent of consumers say they have more confidence in a company that makes use of video than those who do not use them.

When we see how some of the largest companies in the world use video, we realize that the possibilities are limitless. The best videos, those that are shared millions of times, are those who inform by telling a compelling story, like Cartier and their video of the Odyssey or the famous bears from Coca-Cola.

A video is art. Modern yes, but still art. While major international companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create impressive videos, other companies who want to take advantage of the popularity of video can do so at a lower cost using the sophisticated tools and services now offered to them. It truly is easier than ever to deliver our message to our customers quickly without spending a fortune, and thus enjoy all the benefits associated with the use of videos.

The message we want to get across here is about the importance of integrating video into your promotional strategy. An effective video will be short and direct, while being entertaining and relevant. You want to create something unique that will be interesting to watch. Before thinking about how to promote a specific product, consider finding a message that is relevant to the person who will watch the video. Just like a movie, a video has to be above all entertaining. If one is overly oriented towards selling something, the related video will not be effective.

So, firstly start thinking about video. Next, determine the message you want to convey through its use. You then have a consistent and clear strategy and plan for each of your videos that will dictate how they are created. After, make sure you use video on a variety of channels.

For example, adding video to a homepage is a growing trend. At Solutions Médias 360, we are able to integrate video to a new website when our clients are looking for a more modern look and feel that, more importantly, is more user-friendly.

Here are two exemples for Prestige Mazda and Glenmore Audi.

There are many other exemples: