Two new Google Adwords products directly target the automotive industry

Times are changing, and so is the way consumers search and find their information online. In a press release sent out on May 5th, Google confirmed the ongoing transition from computer use to browse the web to the use of mobile devices. In ten countries already, users prefer to use their tablet or phone to do research, and this trend is not about to run out of steam.

For the automotive industry, this new reality has created opportunities but also new challenges. How to capture the attention of potential consumers quickly during the brief moment when he or she chooses to go to the Web from their mobile device?

According to Google, this is not as easy as we may think. Studies have shown that 91% of users use their smartphones while they are carrying out another task. Therefore, it’s important to use the right strategy to capture their fleeting attention.

Two new Google Adwords products soon to enter the market will aim to do just that for dealerships who want to stand out in the world of mobile navigation and advertising.

The first, Automobile Ads, will integrate an image gallery in carousel form inside a mobile advertisement. About half of those seeking a vehicle turn to Google Images to see photos of the model. Automobile Ads can integrate these images, in addition to providing relevant information about the vehicle in question, when you tap one of the images. More importantly, the product provides the ability to see which dealers offering this model are found nearby.

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The second product called Dealership Listing Ads speaks directly to those who are looking for a dealer of a given brand. The product is displays prominently at the top of a search results page various dealerships located in proximity to the smartphone, while also providing the user with the possibility of calling or getting directions through Google Maps.


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For a dealer who takes advantage of this new cutting-edge advertising solution, it could mean a potential customer chooses to visit your showroom as opposed to another, maybe because it is closer, or simply because the user just saw an advertisement for your dealership through another publicity platform. Whatever the reason, Dealership Listing Ads allows dealers to end up before the eyes of a potential customer who in that moment is receptive to the message.

These two new products help to capitalize on what is perhaps the most important statistic for dealerships. The average consumer spends about 15 hours on the web searching for information on various models and comparing them. Given that the current trend is that time is now spent more on a mobile device, it becomes important to seize the opportunity presented by these two new Google Adwords products that will be launched soon in Canada.