Top 5 Most Creative Video Ads Made in Lockdown


In these historic times, many companies have had to adapt quickly to the new reality that involves physical distancing for almost everything, even advertising and video production. The lockdown continues to revolutionize how cars are marketed, and the number of vehicles sold 100% online has increased

At 360.Agency, we place a lot of value on innovation. Every day, we’re revolutionizing the way dealers interact with consumers. We were inspired by the creators of advertising videos who, like us, have been able to adapt to the restrictions of this new reality. Around the world, manufacturers and advertising agencies have doubled their efforts to promote their vehicles in new ways.

We’ve put together the top 5 most creative video ads that have been made during the lockdown. The following ads highlight how we can do amazing things with very little.  

1. Honda creates an video advertisement using a full-scale miniature car.

A pioneer in the use of miniature cars, this advertising video for Honda Civic was created for the United Arab Emirates. Shot entirely shot at home and uploaded during the global lockdown and produced by the Memac Ogilvy agency, this highly creative commercial stands out thanks to its triumphant Strauss classical music soundtrack. Bold-font captions tout that this advertising video may be the first of its kind. The visuals of this commercial, reminiscent of the credits of an action film, grab our attention to spread the key message during lockdown: #stayhome.

2. Skoda dreams big with its made at home SUV ad.

Quarantine kept us home, but inventive spirits always prevail. In the Czech Republic, Skoda had a brilliant idea: to send models of miniature RANGE SUVs to three different directors and challenge them to shoot an advertising video at home. The breathtaking result showcases the power of SUVs in a fun way: great maneuverability of the vehicle through a set of blocks, excellent traction control in the kitchen and much more!

3. Mercedes inspires a creator.

Who said miniature cars were just for kids? When grown-ups play with them, you get an impressive result! With its retro imagery, the viewer notices the grainy film treatment, reminiscent of 1960s movies. Truth be told, this model dates from the 2000s and Italian YouTube creator named “Moonlight” takes a sophisticated approach to showcasing the brand’s signature style in this homage to Mercedes. Who needs a full-sized car and crew when all you need is a smartphone and a treadmill to show off this car’s curves.

4. This ad for Volkswagen follows social distancing rules to the letter.

Volkswagen created this enticing and thought-provoking video ad while following all social distancing rules, and takes a low-key approach in presenting its brand. The viewer never sees the car featured in this commercial, making it easy to shoot, while also igniting brand interest with a memorable, calm moment evoked by a family alone in nature. This video campaign evokes the sights and sounds of nature with a single long shot. The brand set up this campaign at the beginning of the lockdown in order to reassure consumers and to inform buyers about  the economic support actions offered by Volkswagen.

5. Toyota Yaris France touches on lockdown lifting.

We’ve all dreamed of what we would do if we didn’t have to stay home. With that idea as a starting point, these self-shot, personal and low-budget segments show Toyota drivers imagining themselves embarking on post-lockdown adventures. A touch of joy that inspires consumers and perfectly illustrates the adventurous spirit of the Toyota brand.

Whether it’s with an advertising video filmed at home, a tribute to a favourite brand made by a Youtube content creator, or a glimpse of life after quarantine, these videos are proof that brands aim to continue to be visible even during the lockdown. In addition to increasing visibility, the approaches taken by the brands in these advertising videos reassure consumers and encapsulate the key phrase repeated throughout the lockdown: “Everything is going to be okay”.

Like these producers and brands, dealerships are resilient too, and they remain available to consumers, even in these rapidly changing times. Vehicles keep us moving and these brands are rooted in the idea that one day we can get our motors running again and go on an adventure.

In these unprecedented times, buying a vehicle online is a safe and efficient option. Thanks to 360.Agency, offering the possibility of buying a vehicle 100% online is a way of being even more present for consumers with a secure and contactless option. Our SHOWROOM 360-V2 vehicle purchasing platform enables consumers to go through the sales steps from A to Z at home.