SM360 is now an approved partner of CDK Global!

360.Agency is proud to announce a new partnership making it possible to offer improved optimisation and conversion solutions to our clients.

SM360 is now officially Third Party Access Vendor for CDK Global, a leader in North America automotive operations management with more than 26,500 dealership clients worldwide.



This new partnership will allow our clients to develop new maximized sales strategies using the dealership management system (DMS) developed by CDK Global. Our development team worked with CDK Global in order to connect our CRM tools and their DRIVE system, and allow these two powerful tools to work together in creating new opportunities for our clients.

By using our marketing tools ‘’Loyalty 360’’ or ‘’Campaign 360’’ for example, we can send automated e-mails, targeted SMS messages, create phone follow-ups and push notifications according to the client’s file, thanks to our new WebAutoMobile 360 (WAM360) product, your dealership’s mobile application.

Specifically, this partnership will allow us to:

  • Offer an optimized solution integrating all the communication tools from our CRMPro suite of solutions in order to create engaging and highly effective campaigns targeting actual and potential clients from the dealerships working with Solutions Médias 360
  • Access and analyze shoppers’ habits in order to elaborate communicational strategies that will target customers using diversified channels.
  • Allow an in-depth follow-up of our dealerships’ clients, for example in regards to after-sale service or purchasing their next vehicle, helping will help our clients improve their customer experience.

The new partnership between SM360 and CDK Global will assist you in implementing and optimising your marketing communication strategies with present and future customers!