Our Experts Share Their Insights at Google Think Dealer 2019

With the development of new digital technologies, vehicle research and buying habits continue to evolve. It is important for dealers to keep abreast of these new consumption habits to ensure their own growth. This is what Google offers with its specialized events.

June’s Google Think Auto in Toronto, or the Google Think Dealer 2019 roadshow, running since September, are aimed at better informing Canadian dealers about the best practices to implement for their online presence.

This event covers 100% Canadian topics and analyzes data tailored to different provincial automotive markets: 

  • Market evolution
  • Change in consumer habits
  • Millennial vs. baby boomer behavior
  • New marketing insights
  • Partner-agency panels
  • Online sales …

As Google Partners, 360.Agency’s experts were invited to join the Google Think Dealer 2019 panel of experts.

They answered burning questions from dealers in attendance, shared their insights on the market’s evolution and dished out many wise words of advice.

Key facts:

  • Millennials are twice as likely to be influenced by dealer ratings and digital experience than baby boomers.
  • SUVs and CUVs are the fastest growing segments.
  • Life events are key purchase triggers: marriage, kids, promotions….
  • 78% of buyers find information on the internet versus 67% through dealerships.
  • YouTube influences almost 1 in 2 customers to take action at a dealership  (test drive, visit, contact …)
  • 43% of buyers say they are likely or very likely to consider purchasing a vehicle online.

Do as the attendees did at the Google Think Dealer 2019 and get the best advice from our Canadian digital automotive specialists !