My duty as an account manager

As an account manager, I am the liaison between my customers and the resources within our company that will allow our clients to reach their short and long term objectives in a manner that will exceed their expectations. As the messenger, my role is to ensure that our clients are well taken care of, that their demands are understood and met, and really that they feel like they are in control.

We have all felt at some time or another, whether in business or in our everyday lives, that the person at the other end of the line does not care about our situation, and simply doesn’t want to be proactive in making sure we are happy with the service we receive. Studies have shown, and it’s not surprising, that the number one complaint businesses have in B2B interactions is that their request is not addressed in due time, forcing them to call back and explain the issue all over again.

As an account manager, I cannot allow that to happen. That’s why I have setup guidelines and rules that I live by on a daily basis to ensure that what I am asked gets accomplished in a timely manner on the floor.

Set clear and realistic expectations

As an account manager, I have to give you a timeframe for when the project you request will be completed in order for you to be able to plan accordingly. It is of the utmost importance that the expectations I set be respected, and that they are realistic.

Keep my promises

By setting realistic expectations, I am able to keep my promises and more importantly, over deliver. I pride myself on keeping my promises, and always following-up in a timely manner on what I said would be accomplished.

Being proactive

Over time, I get to know my clients and their needs, and I can anticipate things my clients will want ahead of time. For example, when the New Year comes around, I know that there will need to be a change in the vehicles that are advertised on the websites of our clients. Being proactive means taking the necessary steps to find out what changes our clients will want to make in advance and therefore making those changes in a timely manner.

Giving gifts

To be able to provide the very best level of service to my clients, I have to see their business as my own. That means that I am always on the lookout for new ways to help my customers reach their goals. That doesn’t mean trying to find new products to upsell. That means finding complimentary ways to improve my client’s business performance.

Saying hi

It is important to reinforce the fact that I can be reached, that I am thinking about my clients, and that I have their best interests in mind. Sometimes, simply picking up the phone and saying hi, and making sure everything is going well, is the easiest way to confirm my dedication to my clients.