Looking to optimize your digital advertising?

Imagine for a moment the impact your advertising content would have if it could change depending on the person who is looking at it, and it could be displayed through a vast network of advertising space found on millions of web or mobile sites available to you through a kind of advertising stock market…

What seems like the dream of any online advertiser actually exists, and is commonly known as programmatic buying and RTB (real time bidding). This more and more popular automated purchasing process displays ads across a network with billions of impressions while being able to modify the message conveyed depending on the user to whom the advertising displays. And all this at a price determined by an auction offering a wide range of available advertising space.

In other words, it is now possible to deliver the right message at the right time, all the while increasing the return on investment!

According to a study by American giant Sales Force, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign that adopts a programmatic-based strategy can increase by 50% while costs are reduced 30%. That is why this innovative technology’s popularity is growing exponentially, and investments are expected to increaset $ 18G in the US by 2018. This is an increase of 42% per year compared to investments of $ 3.1G in 2013 ().

However, knowing a concept is one thing. Mastering it is something else!

Thus, SM360 has decided to team up with FidelitiX, a company recognized for its programmatic expertise, to offer its customers the benefits associated with this new opportunity. Using advanced technologies, complex algorithms and a DSP platform (Demand-side platform), FidelitiX is able to target optimal digital advertisements using sociodemographic data. This data is acquired by taking into account a range of variables including consumer habits on a multitude of platforms, including social media like Facebook, and search engines like Google.

Specifically, we are able to develop a complete and accurate profile of the user that will see the advertisement while being able to modify it to ensure that it responds at all times to their interests and needs. This profile comes from different sources, including data collected through the CRM and website of each of our clients. The data is then added to the search and internet browsing history determined through the use of “cookies” in order to get a clear picture of products that interest each consumer.

Better yet, FidelitiX is able to display to millions of users with a clear profile these ads while optimizing your online marketing budget through “ad exchange” platforms. By being able to purchase advertising space via auctions, the value of each space is better aligned with its scope and visibility. That means that less of your budget is wasted … to the delight of your wallet!