360.Interview – Interview with Safwan Choudhry : Programmatic Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

Safwan Choudhry - Media Director Ontario - Why Programmatic is the Future of Digital Marketing
Safwan Choudhry
Media Director - Ontario
Targeting the right people using smart methodology

Targeting the right people using smart methodology

Now as many people are running into this challenging field which is display advertising, programmatic has become a forefront astounding strategy for many smart advertisers. You see, there are 10,000 different ways to spend $10,000. However, what we are more interested in is spending smart money to target the right people using smart methodology. Programmatic is the way to do it.

"Programmatic is one of the most powefull advertising tools"

We are lucky to have an intern partner as Fidelitex, which is one of the top advertising programmatic buyer in Canada. This is something wich makes us unique: no one else has a proprietary program known as banner factory. Within milliseconds, we can generate real time dynamic ads to target people based on the actual vehicles they’re interested in, models and trends. We also have the largest photography database of every model, every trim and singular vehicle as well.

If you’re looking at a blue Hyundai Tucson or a black Volkswagen Atlas 2018, then we can target you with that, with a certain price range, with that specific vehicle. Take another exemple: if a client has a special promotion for an upcoming vehicle and he has this Mercedes C300 that he wants to have for the year-end sale, we can design a special programmatic campaign with a special offer and target all those potential customers within our database. We can do also a customised audience list or we can target according to geography, behaviors and especially those buying signals the customer has in his new or pre-owned car buying.

"We believe in emboldening and empowering our clients"

The next component which makes this programmatic strategy especially powerful, is that it’s using very powerful integrated APIs which are connected directly to your pre-owned inventory. Knowing the clients pre-owned inventory, we can actually run targeted ads for those specific vehicles. This process helps you to take your pre-own inventory from your website and  then putting it in front of your potential customers no matter where they are. As a result, whether they’re on their mobile app, tablet or at their office, they have an opportunity to view your inventory before they even come on your website. But it wont be a random inventory, it will be based on their buying signals and our strategic deployment of our programmatic ads.

Programmatic is becoming really quickly one of the most powerful tools in smart advertisers toolbox. We are especially lucky with Fidelitex. Fidelitex is one of the leading advertising platforms in Canada, and our programmatic strategy through fidelity allow us to target the right customer in a millisecond. How we do this? Through our banner ad, which can create dynamic ads within milliseconds.

This is a game changer. We have one of the largest image bank with every models, brands and every trim. We can actually target people based on a specific vehicle, in a specific trim and in a certain color in a millisecond, because we’re able to go through the behavior that potential customers have shown us. If they have shown interest in a blue sedan with a special offer, we can target them with exactly the same offer.

"We provide tailored advertising solutions to our clients"

That is actually a pioneering marketing strategy and we see a much higher conversion, we see a much higher click’s rate and therefore higher sales and happier dealers.

You know what’s unrivalled about our strategy? We don’t believe forcing  our sales on anyone is the right method. We believe in a philosophy of emboldening and empowering our clients, wich comes by providing them the resources to make the brightest decision. That’s actually where our success come from! Our clients make much more informed, insightful and intelligent decisions. As a result, we can provide them the most suitable and tailored solutions they need.