Increase your conversion rate with the call to action!

Your website provides potential customers with important information about your dealership’s products and services. Texts with optimized SEO and online advertising attract quality traffic. Your goal: to convert these visitors into buyers. How to encourage your visitors to take the next step? Discover the role of the call to action!

What is the call to action button?

Call to action buttons, also called call to action or CTAs, are powerful tools that are not often used optimally by many companies. 

A call to action is a statement on some of your website pages or newsletter, on which the user can click to access an additional element: a registration form, subscription, participation in an event, telephone call, purchase online… In the form of a text or a clickable button, it offers visitors an easy way to move towards clear and precise action. 

The effectiveness of the call to action is based on a simple psychological mechanism: the mere fact of strongly suggesting to your visitors what they should do is enough to make them want to do it! Why miss out on this opportunity?!

5 tips to build an effective call to action (CTA):

 1.Encourage one clear and precise action to be taken for each CTA.

2. Use an action verb.

3. Indicate the action that will be taken when they click.

4. Use a colour that stands out from the rest of your content.

5. Know who exactly your CTA is for.

Increase your conversion rate with the call to action button

If your potential buyers for new / used vehicles or services can’t easily access the information they want, they are likely to leave your site and go to your competitor.

Internet users appreciate simple and easy navigation. They don’t like to search! Telling them what to do in a call to action is like being by their side to guide and advise, even from a distance.  

Augmentez votre taux de conversion grâce à l’appel à l’action !_360agency

Efficiency at each location

Calls to action do not have the same effectiveness depending on their location on your web page or newsletter. While the conversion rate of a CTA is lower when place in the sidebar or at the end of a blog post, you can expect an 8% increase in conversion rates when it appears in a pop-up and up to 25% on a welcome form.1

By placing calls to action in strategic places on your website, you will see your bounce rate decrease, and your conversions increase! This simple and essential tool allows your website to be dynamic and engages the visitor with a single click.


On your dealership site, calls to action can be slipped in everywhere: on your home page, VDP, contact page, online vehicle purchase … just place them harmoniously and sparingly to encourage your visitors to materialize their desires to buy, to make an appointment and many other actions.

Take advantage of 360.Agency teams’ expertise today and implement all the conversion tips within your digital communication.
Take advantage of 360.Agency teams’ expertise today and implement all the conversion tips within your digital communication.